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My Fanfics

Most of my fics are here on AO3. I write for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mostly, but branching into other assorted fandoms. This is an abbreviated list of fics. A more complete list is on AO3.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Life in the Field: Complete. The first fics my sister and I wrote for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mostly general, but the second and third have Phil Coulson/Melinda May. (rated G-T)

  • The Darkest Timeline: Complete. An AU where Coulson and May make a different choice, to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. Ship: Phil Coulson/Melinda May. (rated G-T)

  • The Slayerverse: (work in progress) Buffy AU centered around vampire slayers Skye and Melinda May. Ship: Phil Coulson/Melinda May. (rated T-E)

  • The Ballad of Sir Melinda: (work in progress) Medieval AU. A series of short stories describing the adventures of the brave knight Melinda May. Ship: Phil Coulson/Melinda May. (rated T-E)

One shots

  • A Slice of Home: May and Coulson celebrate Thanksgiving at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. (rated G)

  • Five Lessons Peggy Taught Melinda: While a student at the Academy, Melinda May learns some life lessons from Peggy Carter. (rated G)

  • Learn to Fly: There was really no question as to what Melinda May was going to be when she grew up. (rated G)

  • Left Behind: When Coulson is left behind on a mission, he must try to survive alone in the wilderness until morning. Written for Philinda Bad Days. Prompt - “Phil gets left behind.” (rated G)

  • Merry Happy: Our version of Phil Coulson and Melinda May's history together. Written after 1x06, so no longer canon. Ship: Phil Coulson/Melinda May (rated E)

  • No light, but rather darkness visible: Ward thinks about what led to him being thrown in prison, and where he goes from here. Not a Ward-friendly or Ward-redemption story. (rated T)

  • Papa Was a Rolling Stone: May and Coulson get help from an unexpected source while on a mission. Or, the one in which Melinda May’s father is James Bond. Ship: Phil Coulson/Melinda May (rated G)

  • Pillow Stern Looks: Missing scene for 2x13 “One of Us.” May and Skye talk after Skye’s first session with Andrew. Ship: Melinda May/Skye (rated T)

  • Unusual Suspects: The detectives of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine investigate a series of burglaries where it almost seems like the thief is invisible. But that’s impossible, right? A Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover. (rated G)

  • Wide Open Spaces: Crossover with Leverage. After high school, Melinda May goes on a journey of self-discovery and makes an unexpected friend. (rated T)


  • Blank Space: AU where Nate works for the mob instead of IYS, and he and Sophie meet and become partners in crime. (rated G)

One shots

  • I just want you to come figure me out: Sophie is good at what she does because people only see her the way they want her to be. No one ever bothers looking closer to see the woman beneath all the aliases and lies. Then she meets Nate. Written to leverageland Winterfest. Ship: Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux (rated T)

  • The Proposal Job: Parker helps Nate with a special job. Set during “The Long Goodbye Job.” Ship: Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux. (rated G)

  • Temptation Waits: Five times Nate resisted temptation, and one time he didn't. Ship: Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux. (rated T)

  • Wide Open Spaces: Crossover with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. After high school, Melinda May goes on a journey of self-discovery and makes an unexpected friend. (rated T)

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Leverage - Blank Space

Title: Blank Space

Pairings: Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux, hints of Nate Ford/Maggie Collins

Summary: Alternate universe, where Nate and Sophie are partners in crime from the beginning, and Sterling is the insurance cop chasing them.

Author’s Note: Written for Leverageland’s “Write Inspiration” Challenge. Inspired by: Conspirators in pyjamas who exchange deep kisses for passwords. - Pablo Neruda

The title comes from “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift.

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God, tumblr makes me miss the days of livejournal. I mean, today I saw a poor girl get bullied for hours because she dare to express an opinion in a character tag that was not what the posse of mean girls approved of. It's like, grow the fuck up. But I hate this system where everyone can see everything because the tags become like gold. They guard them like the one ring ("my preciouuuuuus") and scream at you until you cry. Literally, this girl is crying, and her friend steps in, and the girls yell at her to "come back and finish what she started."

God. I'm so glad I didn't have to deal with that shit online.
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Is it fall yet

I dream of fall. I dream of cool, crisp mornings that turn into still-cool afternoons. I dream of long-sleeved shirts and jeans and cozy sweatshirts. Of red, gold, purple leaves decorating the trees. Of the smoky smell of cold air in the evenings keeping me cool.

But I wake up and find myself in this god-forsaken state. With humid mornings and sweltering days and always necessary air conditioning. I see dry, parched grass and feel the same way. This long, lingering summer feeling abnormal. It may stretch half into November.

Half of my yearning for Iowa and disdain for this state is due to weather.
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So apparently I'm scary

when I wear my white coat. Or so says the internal medicine doc who facilitated by history oral presentation today. It was actually way more chill than I anticipated and way more interesting. We talked about the cases instead of being ripped a new one by the attendings. Also we didn't get to all the cases, so I didn't have to / get to present. The facilitator though totally talked like a Dag guy. Or maybe I just think that because he talked exactly like someone I know but can't quite remember ... oh wait, maybe Benjie. The similarity was odd.

This morning though was pretty crappy what with Harry having a flat tire. Sigh. Another thing to take care of. I don't think I can get a new one though until Thursday since I have opthalmology clinic tomorrow.

This afternoon I also had my first MS1 curriculum committee meeting. I ate two cheese sticks and dried out my mouth and (I think) gave myself a headache. Other than that it was mildly interesting. Dr. Tansey sat next to me and was playing solitaire while someone was talking about how the MS2 courses do evaluations, and I had to fight not to laugh. The bio chem profs were all stats happy. Apparently the scantron machine has broken, and been broken for a week, and they had to grade ~ 1/3 of the biochem exams by hand.
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Out here in the field

Today's the first day that it hasn't even been hot. Fall is coming. How strange and fantastic. Soon it'll be pleasant enough to come home after class and curl up on the balcony with notecards and memorize them here. I still feel a little sad that I'm not going back to Grinnell - to study on the loggia and in Noyce and Burling. But Noyce is all new this year, and my little firsties are junior now. It's hardly the Grinnell I remember anymore. Hanghang has started med school, and I keep in touch with her via plans and the occasional phone call. She seems to be having a rough time with the transition between liberal arts and med school - ruminating and memorizing. I think that things will get easier for her, but she reminds me so much of me this time last year. It makes me glad that I don't have go through that again. Even though this year is harder, it feels less sad and hopeless. Even when I feel completely overwhelmed by the drugs I have to learn, the feeling doesn't last long. I just take a deep breath and focus on the now, knowing that what I'll need to do tomorrow, I'll do tomorrow.

Friday I saw Stardust with some people, and it was really excellent. I love Neil Gaiman. Saturday and Sunday I was in Fort Worth with Dad and Boomer. Boomie is definitely subdued, but he is still reasonably active. We played catch in the backyard on Sunday afternoon. I think Boomie's dilated cardiomyopathy is weighing heavily on Dad's mind, so I'm glad I went home.

Last night I drove back here, and on the way I listened to an episode of This American Life called Break Up, which was really interesting and cute. Starlee Kline wrote a break up song with help from Phil Collins, a girl named Betsy was interviewed by Morning Edition about writing to the NYC mayor about her parents' divorce and then again some 20 years later to reflect on the initial interview, and a man talked about his cooperative divorce litigation strategy. Oh, and there was a short story about divorce from the point of view of the dog also. But my favorite part was Starlee's song, especially the parts that involved Phil Collins.
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So my dog has somewhere between a few months and a year to live.

He got sick all of a sudden, and then last night while I was studying all night in the carrel, I got a call from my mom saying that he's in congestive heart failure. I called again tonight, and I guess that they've brought him home, but he'll have to go back to the hospital tomorrow for more tests. He's on a ton of meds right now to treat the congestive heart failure, and Dad is going to take him down to Texas A&M to visit the vet school there and see if he can get some new medication that might give him a year.

It's just so sudden. He's only 6 1/2 years old. Still just a baby. I really bonded with him lately, housesitting this summer and then when I was home before med school started. It so wonderful having this living creature just love you so much, and he - for all of his annoying habits - is such a loveable and sweet dog. I'm going to go home next weekend for at least part of Labor Day to chill with him.

In other news I'm gunning for the immunology exam on Monday, and then I'll have to gun for the pharmacology exam on Tuesday. The sheer amount of ridiculousness associated with these upcoming exams pretty much guarrantees that this year's faculty roast will be hilarious.